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About Me

I live in a small village in Wales, where my family have lived for many years. It's a beautiful place on the edge of a National Park.

I've always loved reading and would read just about anything. I would get out of school and go immediately to the library. Mrs K, the librarian, would call me over to her desk to tell me of the new books she'd ordered.

My favourite part of the library was the reference section. I would spend hours reading about different mythologies - Egyptian, Norse, Greek and, of course, Welsh.

Being the eldest of a group of cousins, it was often my job to keep the younger ones entertained and I started to make up my own stories but, once I began college, there was no time for that. Although I still kept reading, the storytelling came to an end.

It was many years later that I wrote a couple of stories and put them onto an internet site. To my surprise people read them and encouraged me to write more. One of these people became a very special friend who advised and supported me in my early days of writing - which brings me to where we are now - short stories and poetry published and three completely different novels in the process of editing.

I've also designed and maintained several websites. You'll find links to them on the links page.

This site contains a little of my writing. If you would like to read more or get in touch about my writing or web design, please contact me.